Come to the real e-commerce revolution and see how we are changing the game

And count on a network of more than 100,000 sales reps specialized in various segments and different geographies as well as hundreds of sites linked to Vendesk's Dropshipping.

Revolutionize your business model by integrating your e-commerce with a massive sales force

Vendesk is the only e-commerce platform capable of integrating consumers, physical stores, industries, sales reps, and logistics on a scale never seen before.

You have a company and want to boost your sales

Expand your activity to regions where you do not operate through the largest network of specialized sales reps by segment in any location. You can also sell directly to physical stores or in the main marketplaces and also through hundreds of sites that use the Vendesk's dropshipping.

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You have a physical store and want to sell online

Build a store quickly and simply. Automate your deliveries through integration with the major logistic companies. Sell in the main marketplaces and even promote your store on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Everything in one place!

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You want to open a dropshipping store

With Vendesk dropshipping, you don't make purchases, manage inventories or make deliveries. You just need to drag products to your store from the manufacturers you want to sell, and orders will be forwarded by them to your customers through an extensive network of logistics companies.

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You work with sales and search for companies to represent

Start representing several companies without bureaucracy or lengthy hiring processes. Boost your commissions and optimize your visits by diversifying your product range to meet your customers' complete demand.

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Find products at factory prices

Purchase products for your physical store and get exclusive discounts on our entire platform. Find the best prices and save more when making bulk orders.

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​You have a logistics company and look for new customers

Expand your customer portfolio and optimize your freight. Specify the product categories and geographic area you want to serve and have access to all companies that need your services.

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